Excursions in the Regional Park of the Po River Delta

Boat trip in the delta of the River Po

For those who want to discover the natural beauty of the Po Delta this is a unique experience. We propose stays on weekends at our farm, with the ability to book a boat trip.

Our staff can book a boat trip for small groups and for those more numerous. And 'possible to navigate in all areas of the Delta along the river, in its branches at the mouth, in the reeds and lagoons.

Surfing the River Po is definitely missed an opportunity to learn about the environmental wealth of the delta. On board one of the many boats slow and silent that ply the waters of the great river, lulled by the slow stream, surrounded on all sides by a unique and incomparable landscape, rich in flora and fauna, there is carried away in a dimension very old and always new.

Sport fishing in the delta of the River Po

There are numerous proposals for those interested in an excursion on a fishing at sea or river Po or even itineraries on small boats and canoes with friends and family. Boarding is at the pontoon bridge at Santa Giulia in Porto Tolle at 10.00; hike in the reeds, the Island of Love lunch (packed) or at the Lantern Restaurant in Lighthouse of Goro. After lunch, fishing with rod in: sea bass, sea bream and mullet. Later in the afternoon, before returning, fishing at the mouth with drift nets, calls barracuda (great fun for the kids).

Book a Weekend at Villa

Boating in the River Po Delta

You stay on weekends in our rooms of the Villa in the Veneto "Tenuta Castel Venezze" and book a boat trip along the River Po Delta.

Sport Fishing in the River Po Delta

If you want to organize a day of fishing on the Po River Delta, you can stay a weekend at the Villa "Tenuta Castel Venezze". Our staff will arrange your trip according to your needs.