Colli Euganei Monselice, Este, Montagnana

If you book a stay in the Villa Veneto "Tenuta Castel Venezze" you can visit the three beautiful walled cities of Monselice, Este and Montagnana.

The three walled cities are the most monumental examples ecclatanti the beauty of this area. While following one another a short distance down the road Lower Valley, where it connects Monselice to Mantua, the three groups have different characteristics and unmistakable, that make unique pieces of rare value.

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Monselice: Castle Ca Marcello, built as a fortress Lombard probably in the eleventh century., Later became the residence of Ezzelino Romano who built the Palace (1249-56), enlarged by Carrara and then by Marcello, Venetian nobles. Finally restored by Vittorio Cini between 1935-39. The interior houses one of the finest collections of ancient weapons with furniture, carpets, sculptures and paintings.

Este: the interesting traditional theater season of one of the oldest and most prestigious theatrical institutions of the Veneto. The Veneto Theatre Company City of Este also performs representations during the year in the entire Triveneto.

Montagnana: is one of the finest examples of medieval fortification. His mighty crenellated walls that winds for almost two kilometers, was built by the Carraresi late fourteenth century. on a previous track, and since then it has been preserved virtually intact to this day. The city is completed by 24 towers and two important fortified gates: Castel S. Zeno and the Fortress of the Alberti.


Chioggia: is a lively, busy seaside town that has history oozing from every stone. It presents a very original: sliced ​​by channels, stitched by bridges. Its streets, all perpendicular to the main square, in the image of fish bone. From this particular shape derives the nickname of "Little Venice". Walking through the streets and bridges you can enjoy all the charm and elegance that conveys the city: the Venetian style buildings that overlook the canals, the characteristic boats called Chioggia "Bragozzi" with their colorful sails, the fish, the Corso del Popolo, churches, museums and monuments, Piazza Vigo with its beautiful bridge. To see the fish market open daily.

Adria: Etruscan city to see the archaeological museum in 1971 became state-owned donation to the City of Adria, is located in a specially designed building opened in 1961. Starting in 2002, it has undergone major renovations and expansion and then of total renewal of the display, promoted by the Superintendence and now nearing completion. Mission of the museum is the illustration of the extraordinary ancient history of Adria, a port city built in the sixth century BC along a branch of the Po Delta, important enough to give the name to the Adriatic Sea. The museum represents the hub of all the activities of archaeological research in Adria and in Polesine.

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Colli Euganei

Book a stay in our Villa in Veneto, you can visit the walled towns of the Euganean about half an hour's drive from the estate.


Booking a stay in our Villa in Veneto, you can spend a pleasant day in Chioggia "Little Venice" or visit Adria "Etruscan city" and its rich archaeological museum.